David Petersen, Active Investor - Systems:


Real Estate

To begin, I have positions in 3 global REIT indexes, which own real estate in North America, Europe, and Asia. This system is a dividend reinvestment system and is doing well; thus I own property all over the world with positive cash flow. (One third of my total portfolio.)





Short Term


My short term trading system is based on global growth related leveraged ETF's; Technology, BioTech, Energy, Metals, etc. Again, I only buy leveraged indexes that are related to long term global growth. (one third of my total portfolio.)


Capital is divided into 10 sections for 10 possible diversified positions, and those sections are further divided into 4-6 sections of cash each. If a chart looks good (i.e. hammered!) I buy in with one unit of cash. If it keeps going down, I average down based on the 20, 50, 120, and 200 day moving averages. I get out on the rising trendline. One unit of cash for each position is never used unless there is a market CRASH.


System emerged from my overall investment approach around 2009; the system plus my overall approach together have averaged nearly 8 percent a year over a 9 year period, and I'm getting better and better at it.





Longer Term


Finally my longer term non-leveraged, balanced, diversified portfolio is being managed in TD Ameritrade's Amerivest program.





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